Steel coils being loaded onto a flatbed at Capacity Warehouse

What Makes Capacity Warehouse Distribution Your Best Choice?

One location for all your needs: full rail capabilities, coil repair, and storage.
Unlike other warehouses that store your coils at different locations we have it all right here!

  • 120,000 square feet of climate controlled storage
  • Coils are single stacked with an indoor capacity of 70,000 tons
  • Coils are stored on oak cradles or racks
  • Outdoor storage for 1400 coils
  • Rail services provided by Norfolk Southern, with nationwide reciprocating rail agreements
  • Controlled inventory with reports provided upon request
  • 10 hours of daily Shipping and Receiving, with the availability of 24-hour Shipping and Receiving 7 days a week, 365 days a year upon notice or special requests
  • Outside Storage Hot Band and Slab materials
  • Outside materials stored off the ground on railroad ties
  • Virtually unlimited storage capabilities
  • C-Hooks, ID Lifts, and ID Grabbers
  • Twelve rail car in-building loading and unloading
  • Six cranes total; two 40-ton, two 30-ton, one 20-ton and one 25-ton
  • Four hilos with 65,000 pound unloading capability
  • Electronic computer data capabilities including FTP, Internet and bar coding
  • Steel maintenance: De-lapping, De-canning, samples, upending, packaging, cleaning and banding
  • Four pull-through doors for continuous truck traffic
  • Mic and measure capabilities
  • Boxcar trans loading

We work with the biggest names in the business:

  • AK Steel
  • US Steel
  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Eastern States Steel
  • Flex N Gate
  • Target Steel
  • Samual Steel
  • Pro Tech
  • Mill Steel
  • Kenwall Steel
  • Impact Steel
  • National Material
  • International Impex
  • Gestamp

Stored Commodities

  • Steel coils
  • Blanks
  • Bars
  • Dies
  • Palletized parts

By customer request, we offer service…

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 365 days a year

Competitive Rates

For specific rates, contact us at 313-382-7662 (Office)

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