At Capacity Warehouse Distribution, we have you covered with the latest in coil services and repair!

Our new coil nest roller with Niagra auto shear cuts your coil ends perfectly whether you are cropping one lap or 50. Unlike our competitors that will use a torch or plasma cutter and leave an uneven cut, the auto shear our coil roller assures you a straight and true cut each and every time. See the specs below for our nest roller details.

We can also provide coil repair in house which saves you time and money. No need to send your coils out for repair because we can fix them right here in house, and then ship them out via rail. This saves you time on trucking, cuts your handling charges and provides quicker turn around time for faster delivery to your customer.

Also unlike our competitors, we can store your black band coils, cold roll coils, and all your different product types…right here at one location! Capacity Warehouse also have full rail capabilities plus inside storage, outside storage, and coil repair. Rail services are provided by the Norfolk Southern rail system and nation wide delivery with reciprocating rail roads.

Swift, efficient, and competitive, that’s what Capacity is all about!

Coil nest roller specs:

  • Coil size from 32″ to 72″
  • Up to 72,000 max coil weight
  • Mild grade steel to .250 thickness
  • Stainless up to .125

Please call for more details.

Capacity Warehouse has an onsite coil nest roller to save you time and money!

Capacity Warehouse is proud to be the only steel warehouse in Michigan with an onsite coil nest roller with auto shear. The Niagra auto shear cuts coil perfectly without the using a torch or plasma cutter…coils are cut clean, straight and true every time.